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The Roman Site 

The site of St. Nicholas Church is near the centre of the Roman Town of Ratae Coritanorium. Various buildings succeeded one another on the site between the Church and the Jewry Wall Museum.

The final use the Romans made of it was as baths, and the Jewry Wall itself was the east wall of this complex of buildings. The ground all round the Church has been excavated at various times, but what, if anything, stood on the site of the Church itself is uncertain. Immediately to the east lay the Forum, and suggestions have included a basilica, a temple and an open space or exercise ground.

Excavations carried out in 1971 indicated that foundations run west to east under the Church some 50 inches below the present floor, level with the bases of the arches of the Jewry Wall. There was a colonnade Immediately to the east of the Jewry Wall, and parts of these Roman columns have been erected in the churchyard. 









           The Roman Baths and Jewry Wall with St Nicholas Church in the background

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