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The organ was built In 1890 by the local firm of J. Porritt, and incorporates pipework of an earlier organ by an unknown builder dating from the 1830s.


In the summer of 1975, the organ was cleaned and overhauled by J. W. Walker & Sons at a cost of around £4,500.


This work included the fitting of a new pedal-board, electric action to the pedal organ, supplying a new soundboard and 24 new pipes to extend the 16ft Bourdon stop to gIve two new stops, 8ft Bass flute, and 4ff Octave flute.


The tracker action to the manuals was repaired and new aluminium rods fitted.

A compensator was fitted to replace the old bellows, the keys recovered with imitation ivory, pipework repaired where necessary and a balanced swell pedal fitted. The Organ is now a fine instrument, but due to lack of funds it has not yet been possible to carry out all the tonal alterations we would have liked.

Since 1975, however, we have raised over £2,500 and carried out various tonal improvements.

This work has been successfully carried out by K. Canter, of Bury St. Edmunds.

We are still appealing for funds to complete our tonal revision scheme. The work to be done is marked with a *

The specification of the Organ is as follows:

Great Swell (16ff Stop removed 1975)

8 ft. Open 8 ft. Open Diapason

8ff. 8 ft. VoIx Celeste


8 ft. Dulciana 8 ft. Voix Angelica

8 ft. Stop Diapason 8 ft. Lieblich Gedact

4 ft. Principal 4 ft. Lieblich Flute

4 ft. Wald Flute 4 ft. Gemshorn

2 ft 2ff. Fifteenth (New 1977)

2 2/3 Twelfth

2 ft. Fifteenth Mixture 22.26.29. (remodelled 1979)

II ink. Mixture 19.22. (New 1984) 8 ft. Oboe (to be revoiced)*

8 ft. Cornopean (revoiced 1979)


16ft. Bourdon

8 ft. Bass Flute (New 1975) Couplers

8 ft. Violon Cello Great to Pedal

4 ft. Octave Flute (New 1975) Swell to Pedal

(16ft. Trombone)* Swell to Great

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