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The Clock in the tower is the natural successor of the sundial (like the stones in the churchyard

made of finely carved Swithland Slate) placed over the South Wall c.1760.

The first clock in the tower was bought by 43 subscribers in 1791 and did service until the

restoration in 1906 when it was replaced and a new dial (still in position) erected on the South

Side. The new clock was the first electrically driven public clock in Leicester, being made by

Gent & Co of the City and deriving its power from Leclanché cells in the Vestry.

In 1950 the need to install a second dial (to overlook the Jewry Wall site) and the frequent

failure of the electric clock, together with the putting up of the great bell resulted in the

provision of the present fine clock made by Cope of Nottingham and installed by Ball of

Leicester. It incorporates the Grimthorpe double three-lagged gravity escapement and hour

striking mechanism.

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