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20th Century

1904- 5 The outside of the tower was restored using as much of the original stone as possible. The round columns of the lower external arcade do not agree with the interior arcade, and could be a 20th century modification of the original design.

1929 The south aisle chapel was restored and east window reglazed as a memorial to Canon Edward Atkins, Vicar of St Nicholas 1893-1927. The glass is by the noted artist Theodora Salusbury. The two other windows in this chapel had been placed in 1898 and 1916 respectively. They represent (eastern) St Mary and St Nicholas, and (western) St George and St Michael. They commemorate the daughter and grandsons of Canon Atkins. His photograph hangs beside his own memorial plaque. 1949 - 50 The present bell was hung in the tower, and the interior stonework of the tower restored. The present clock was installed, including a second (west) dial.

1970 To celebrate the 750th anniversary of the rededication of the church to St Nicholas the church was floodlit. This scheme was the first of its kind in Leicester and was maintained by the church until 1998 when the City Council took over responsibility. The 750th anniversary celebrations culminated on December 6th 1970 (St Nicholas Day) with a visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Michael Ramsey.

1975 The floor of the sanctuary was lowered, and the area from here to the west face of the tower carpeted. Clear glass was placed in the east window, replacing 19th century translucent coloured glass. The area south of the tower was paved and furnished as a baptistry, with a 15th century. Perpendicular font from the redundant church of St. Michael in Stamford. Its beautiful cover was given in 1987 in memory of Michael Goode.

1977 The whole of the inside of the church was cleaned, revealing new evidence of the history of the building. The chancel step was moved westwards and the nave paved. This work was made possible through the Job Creation Scheme of the Manpower Services Agency. New lighting In the north and south aisles and chancel was installed. Further improvements and additions were made to the organ. The south aisle chapel was refurnished, with an aumbry in which the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, and the north aisle windows were re-glazed; in memory of James Crompton, Warden of Digby Hall, member of General Synod and a Church Warden of tremendous influence.

Since then the main nave and south aisle lighting has been replaced; in 1996 a new amplification and 'loop' system was installed, and in 1997 a 'high-tech' Roland digital piano was purchased to augment the musical resources.

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